Five Ways to Celebrate National Entrepreneurs- Day

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November 19 is National Entrepreneurs- Day. In fact, this entire week has been declared in recognition of entrepreneurship by Presidential Proclamation. Didn’t have it on your calendar? No problem: We’ve got five ready-made ways for you to commemorate today.

1) Thank your customers – You likely make it a point to do this every day. (OK, almost every day.) But consider a little something extra today: perhaps an unannounced sale, or a coupon for a future purchase. If you own a retail business, perhaps offer some free gourmet coffee or baked goods in the store. Or simply make it a point to say thank you to each customer you encounter today — let them know how much they mean to your business.

2) Treat yourself – See? You always put your customers first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for yourself, too. Why not today? Take a long lunch. (Or take a lunch, period.) Book a spa treatment. Sneak in nine holes at the golf course. Tally up the change jar for that purchase you’ve been putting off. Whatever makes you happy — it’s a good day to give yourself a little reward for a lot of hard work.

3) Reward your employees – If you have even one employee, today’s a great chance to thank them for their efforts and show them how important they are to the success of the business. Order in (or go out to) lunch. Give them a gift card or other sign of your appreciation. If the schedule allows it, allow them to knock off early and get a head start on their weekend.

4) Give back – If you’re a battle-tested entrepreneur who has already turned your idea into a successful business, consider sharing some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Volunteer to lead an entrepreneurship workshop in your community. Or mentor someone less experienced who is considering starting a business. If you have employees, you could volunteer as a group at a local food bank or other charitable organization. Some places to look for opportunities: schools, community centers, business associations, adult education programs, and local charities.

5) Get some help - Apply to win an Intuit Hiring Grant on LoveALocalBusiness. com. Share why you love serving your customers and community and you could win a small business grant worth $50,000.

Happy Entrepreneurs- Day!

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