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Welcome to the new Intuit Small Business Blog! As part of our mission to support the success of your small business, we-ve upgraded our blog. We-re expanding the types of information and experiences you-ll find here and the ways you can contribute yourself. Here are some of the improvements on the site today:

    We’re using a cleaner, cheerier design with more pictures to go along with the articles. (It-s one of many inspirations we-ve applied from our partners at MintLife.)We are expanding our writing staff with the goal of giving you more and more useful articles, especially as they relate to topics that we already help our customers with, like Money, Customers, and Employees. We’ve made it easier to find links to other Intuit sites, including product information, product support, and our online Community Forums. Those sites are a great place to get fast answers about how to use our products. This site, on the other hand, is where we invite you to have a broader conversation about small business whether it involves Intuit products or not.

Another big change is that we-ve streamlined our categories to focus on five themes. You’ll find those categories in the navigation bar on every page of the blog. Here-s what you-ll find in each of those categories in the days ahead.

    Money: It-s essential for starting, growing, and sustaining a business. We-ll explore how to make good monetary decisions and save time in the process. That-s our inspiration for making market-leading products like QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online as well as innovative payment solutions like GoPayment. We also recognize that not every small business owner is comfortable with financial details, so we-ll do our best to provide straightforward, practical information.Customers: You aren-t really in business until you have your first paying customer. So how do you attract customers? And how do you keep them coming back and referring their friends? How can you use technology to reach more customers? We-ll address these questions and more in this section.Employees: As the nation-s #1 provider of payroll services, we know how important employees are to small businesses. We-ll talk about hiring, paying, managing, and retaining employees. We-ll also look at alternatives to hiring. And each month we’ll publish our Small Business Employment Index to let you know what developments we-re seeing in national and regional hiring.Trends: In this category we-ll offer observations about what-s new or on the horizon for small business, such as emerging types of businesses, new business models, and how innovation is changing the way people run their businesses.Local: Our belief is that most small businesses are local businesses, meaning you need to engage your community if you want to succeed. We enjoy helping fans of local businesses share their appreciation for businesses like yours through our Love a Local Business campaign and will celebrate our grant winners. We-ll also share real-world stories from local businesses across the country.

That’s our plan… but what do you think? We’d love to hear from you! We have even more improvements in the works that you’ll see in the coming weeks. But your suggestions influence everything we do: What stories we write, and what improvements we tackle first. Talk to us in the comments below and tell us what you want to see!

Thank you for visiting and best wishes for your business!

Jay Badenhope is a Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit and publisher of the Intuit Small Business Blog. He has traveled to over 20 countries, can offer you a glass of water in five languages, and lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys being able to walk with his family to local businesses. You can follow Jay on Twitter at @jay_badenhope. View all posts by Jay Badenhope This entry was posted in Trends and tagged blog, blogger, customers, employees, Intuit, local, local businesses, money, Small Business, small business employees, small business trends, trends. Bookmark the permalink.
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