Intuit and Amazon, Working Together

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When QuickBooks 2010 launched, we (Intuit) decided that we needed to be active on our Amazon review sites. After all, a recent Nielsen study showed that 70 percent of consumers trusted online reviews as a source of product information before purchase.

Since QuickBooks 2010 launched, our team has responded to every single review by posting a comment. Our aim is to help customers with issues and to thank customers who express love for our product.

Although this has worked well, our comments were hard to find on the Amazon page and many customers browsing through the reviews weren’t seeing them. When the QuickBooks team worked over a weekend to make a major change to the product based on feedback from the Amazon reviews, it was hard for QuickBooks prospects to know that there had been a change.

We knew we had to do something. So when Amazon reached out to us to change how companies respond to customer’s reviews, we jumped at the chance to be their guinea pigs.

Partnering with Amazon

Amazon was impressed with our efforts to engage with customers and consider us to be one of the more active corporate customers on their site. When they decided to test out a new feature allowing companies to post official responses to reviews, they turned to Intuit first.

We jumped at the chance knowing that this would help Intuit and our customers. As guinea pigs for this new functionality, we worked to create official Intuit responses to six of our QuickBooks Pro 2010 Amazon reviews.

Big Win for Intuit and the Customer

As of Feb. 10, Intuit became the first company to go live with Amazon’s new design for the review site. Our six official Intuit responses to customer reviews of QuickBooks Pro 2010 are posted in-line with the original review so that customers see both the review and the company response on one page. Anywhere that the review appears, the company response appears under it.

We always want to show our customers that we are listening to their feedback and responding to it. By posting visible public responses, those potential customers can get the correct information and can see that Intuit cares about them.

Right now, we are the only company testing this new functionality. If successful, Amazon hopes to roll this functionality out across their entire site.

Laura Messerschmitt is a Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit. Her favorite part of the job is visiting small businesses to learn about what’s helping them succeed. Laura has traveled to over 75 countries. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and racing dragon boats. View all posts by Laura Messerschmitt This entry was posted in Intuit Products, Marketing and tagged Amazon, online reviews, reviews. Bookmark the permalink.
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