10 Selling Methods You Haven-t Thought About

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Getting sales is one of the most important aspects of a business. But the truth is that few businesses can simply throw together a website, buy some Google ads, and wait for the world to beat a path to their door. Selling takes a lot of hard work - and often, that means relying on sales methods beyond the standard advertising and marketing techniques.

Here are ten ideas you can experiment with to increase sales outside of the usual channels.

1) PTA organizations and school functions – This is an opportunity to meet other parents and share information about your business. Take the chance to pass out business cards or brochures; as fellow parents, they-re already predisposed to want to know more. 2) Seminars and presentations – Speaking engagements are the perfect place to close business. Provide informative handouts after the event, and set up a table or booth in order to sell your wares. 3) Grocery store lines – Waiting in line at the store is tedious, but it-s a perfect chance to spark up a conversation with others, especially if your product is on sale in the store. It-s easy to introduce your business if you have a sample in your cart. 4) Referrals – Repeat customers often refer others to services or products they purchase. Offer a discount or free gift to your customers for referrals and watch the cycle repeat. 5) Grand openings or open houses – Other (and larger) store openings give you a chance to showcase your services or products too and introduce your business to the community. 6) Press releases – Send press releases to the media to let them know you are in business. This is a great way to get the opportunity to be featured in your local paper. 7) Free product offers - Get the buzz out about your business by offering a bonus product or service with purchase. There-s no arguing that customers love to receive free merchandise. 8) Community organizations – Join organizations within the community to participate in local events and functions. These provide network opportunities and the chance to increase sales by meeting prospective customers. 9) Libraries – Most public libraries offer a calendar of events that are open to the public. Take advantage of these occasions to pass out business cards and talk to others about your business. 10) Work lunch breaks – Instead of using drive-through and eating in your car, consider the lunch hour prime time to network, whether you-re gabbing with other customers or strolling through the mall. Located in Ohio, Tomica Bonner has been writing finance articles since 2008 and her articles have been published on websites such as Chron and Business. You can also follow her on twitter at MicasTruth View all posts by Tomica Bonner This entry was posted in Marketing and tagged customers, sales, Small Business. Bookmark the permalink.
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