5 Online Resources for Minority-Owned Businesses

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If you’re a minority business owner and you’re struggling to take your business to the next level, there’s a wealth of online resources to help you out, from helping you land new contracts to gaining access to minority financing resources.

Here are five websites that can help get you started.

Making It – This website is packed with information pertaining to minority enterprises. Watch lively discussions on the site-s DirecTV show or check out * - clips available online to learn the secrets of entrepreneurial success. Ever wish you could pick the brain of a successful business owner? Here, they confess all their secrets. The site also hosts events or workshops on topics from finding small business grants, getting government contracts, and starting a business.

MBDA – The Minority Business Development Agency has one goal: to promote minority-owned business growth. Have you tried to write your own business plan and found it too difficult? Worry no more: The MBDA offers assistance to help you finish your business plan painlessly.

SBA – The Small Business Administration offers support to minority and women owned businesses. As a minority or female business owner, you can take advantage of the SBA 8(a) business development assistance program, which will get you access to proposals targeted exclusively at minority business owners. Best of all, the site provides one-on-one counseling sessions to help you with your business.

Black Enterprise – This is the ultimate business news and investment resource online for African Americans. Here you can get access to key market news and the hottest trends for minority businesses as well as attend events and seminars to network with prominent minority business owners.

National Minority Business Council– Looking for new contracting opportunities? The NMBC is your key to unique proposals strategically directed at minority business owners. The group also offers sustainability information and can help you earn a Green Business Certification along the way.

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