Foodies Rejoice! GoPayment Offers Chi-Lantro Deals During SXSWi

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This Austin food truck takes credit cards with GoPayment. The Chi-Lantro Korean BBQ Truck that is loved by Austin foodies, will be serving up special fare courtesy of GoPayment. From 6pm to midnight during the SWSWi conference, Friday through Monday March 11-14, Chi-Lantro will be serving up 25? tacos to customers who pay by credit card.

To find out where the GoPayment Chi-Lantro Truck is parked and get the inside scoop on secret SXSW menu items, simply follow GoPayment on Twitter or fan GoPayment on Facebook. And, for another chance to see GoPayment in action in Austin, we-re sponsoring a fleet of MetroCycle Pedicabs. Learn how you can enjoy a free ride on GoPayment during SXSWi.

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