Small Town Business Ideas

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Looking for small town business ideas? You may love living in your small town, but also want to start a business.

Will big city ideas work in a small town that has a smaller customer base?

It is possible to walk down Main Street knowing the names of everyone you meet and still be a successful entrepreneur.

The secret is carefully determining how your business can fit into your town. The following list of small town business ideas can help you start your brainstorming process.

What Does Your Community Need?

What needs does your community have? While there may not be a teashop, is that something you’ve heard people complain about? Or have they complained that they can’t get their dog in to see the vet because she’s always booked?

Are there kids in outlying areas where the school bus doesn’t go to? A transportation business may help with that. Are gifted kids not getting recognized and not getting the stimulation they need? A tutoring business may be the answer.

Is there a major business or industry in your town? How can you support it? Is there a factory whose third shift can’t find an open restaurant during lunchtime?

Look carefully at what’s missing in your town and talk to neighbors, store owners, city representatives and school officials to find out what they would like to see improved. Attend city council meetings to see what issues come up repeatedly.

Once you’ve identified a long-standing problem that you’d like to address, it’s time to begin your business planning. Determine if this is a sustainable business (i. e. what happens when the kids in the outlying areas no longer need a school bus? What’s the future of the factory?

If it closes, will an all-night cafe still be viable?). When you’ve done your feasibility studies and are convinced that this is the right business for you, it’s time for the next step.

Put Your Small Town Business Ideas Into Action

Opening A New Business – This will let you build a brand new store and start from scratch. If you’re new to the town, you may face some resistance as a newcomer. You may have to spend some time explaining how your business will enhance the residents’ lives.

Buying A Business – If Mike the Mechanic wants to move away, you might take over his automotive shop. Customers will likely try you out since they’re used to going there already. You must, however, be prepared for comparisons with Mike for at least your first five years.

Buying a Business Franchise – Another option is to introduce a franchise into the small town. While some residents may be delighted to get their first Dunkin’ Donuts, others may see it as the end of small town life as they know it.

In all businesses, relationships with the customers are important. This is never more true than when living in and doing business with a small town. Many people live in small towns because they enjoy the closeness and predictability of it: your business can bring an uneasy change to their environment.

If your small town business ideas are well thought out, however, you’ll be a fully-fledged member of the community in no time.

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