LinkedIn Launches Follow Company Button for Businesses

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If you-re healthily obsessed with finding followers and fans for your small business, it-s time to add a new tactic to your approach: LinkedIn’s new Follow Company button. The button is essentially a small icon — similar to those offered by Facebook, Google+, and Twitter — that you may include on your company’s website to connect people directly to your Company Page on LinkedIn. Users can now follow your page with a single click on your own website, without having to go to LinkedIn. com first.

LinkedIn counts more than 2 million businesses in its network. Don-t have a Company Page? You can create one here for free. Company Pages allows businesses to post information and updates to the professional social network.

Why would someone want to follow a business on LinkedIn? In a blog post announcing the button’s general availability, LinkedIn notes, -Whether you are looking to stay up-to-date on company news, career opportunities, or industry trends, following companies on LinkedIn is a great and easy way to gain insights and stay connected.-

LinkedIn says mega-brands such as Starbucks and AT&T have plans to implement the button. Small businesses can capitalize on the feature, too: A few hundred loyal connections can matter more to your bottom line than a disengaged audience of thousands. It-s all about quality over quantity, as this small medical practice learned with its Facebook presence.

Consider how you could use LinkedIn differently from your other social channels. For example, given the site-s professional nature, you might focus on keeping current and former employees in the loop on important news and events, instead of trying to use it as a consumer-marketing or branding tool. The volume of active and passive job-seekers on LinkedIn also makes it an excellent resource for hiring employees.

No matter how you use LinkedIn, there-s minimal risk in adding Follow Company button to your site. If you already use LinkedIn, it-s a no-brainer. The LinkedIn Developers site gives you a straightforward way to create a button and implement it on your website.

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