In the Trenches: Considering the Shark Tank

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I-ve become obsessed with watching the show Shark Tank on ABC. If you haven-t seen it, it-s a show where small businesses go into the room to make a pitch for the -sharks- to invest in their companies on the spot. It-s like speed dating with venture capitalists, and it-s completely addictive.

You might think it-s an aspirational thing. I have a small business and I see people getting big money deals so I must want some, right? Wrong. If anything, it makes me remember why I-ve never really wanted outside investors.

There-s no question that what you see on the show is far from the full story. There-s a lot more due diligence that goes on behind the scenes in order to determine if an investment is a good one. Just making the case is one piece of the puzzle, but then what happens if you do strike a deal?

You might be flush with cash, but it-s not your cash. There is a tremendous responsibility that comes with taking money from others. You need to pay that money back with a good return, and that has to be top of mind the second you take the money. The -sharks- make sure to pound that idea in very frequently, as they should.

I-m the kind of person that takes that kind of responsibility very seriously, but I-m afraid it would push me to make decisions that might not be in the best interest of the business in the long run. Instead, I am sure I would focus too heavily on repaying my investors as I tried to steer the business. At least, that-s how I feel at this moment.

One reason I feel that way is because I don-t actually need the money right now. We-re still able to grow with the funds on hand, and there hasn-t been a need for a massive investment just yet. If we took the money, it would be just because it-s what other small businesses strive for. I have no interest in that.

This doesn-t mean that I-m refusing to consider the idea in the future. If we have a great opportunity to grow and it requires money that isn-t available internally, I-ll be the first to look for outside capital. But that would have to be for a specific purpose, and then only if I had a plan on how to return the investment down the road.

For now, however, I-ll just enjoy watching the show …

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