In the Trenches: Learning From My Team

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Being the owner of a business, I-m constantly thinking about how to improve the way we do things. That often leads to me training the team to make things go the way I have them envisioned in my head. Sometimes, however, the opposite happens and I end up being the student. I love when that happens… within reason.

Business is good, and I-m extremely busy these days, but I always feel this weight over my head. I always feel responsible for coming up with new ideas and passing them along to everyone in the business. It sounds funny, but it honestly feels like quite a burden when I-m barely able to keep my head above water just helping to service our clients. I-m working on hiring someone to relieve some of the pressure, but until that happens, I-m just swamped.

For that reason, I-m doubly appreciative when I see people on the team step up and help improve things on their own. Sometimes, they do things that are better than what I would come up with, and that-s the best. It makes me feel good knowing that I-m not the only one taking initiative to improve the client experience. There-s nothing quite like that -team- feeling.

It could be as simple as a small process change idea. One of our concierges started sending emails this week with baggage claim information upon arrival after each part of the trip. We aren-t currently doing that because baggage claim information isn-t always readily available and people don-t always have baggage, but those clients seem to like the additional email connection upon arrival, even if they don-t have bags. This one small change might be worth rolling out company-wide.

Of course, there-s a fine line here. If too many people take too many liberties, we could end up with sloppy and inconsistent service. But while there needs to be a fair bit of consistency, I-d hate to prevent a good idea from bubbling to the surface. Like I said, there-s nothing better than having a good idea come up from someone else on the team.

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