Intuit Gallery Walk Brings out Good Times and Great Innovations

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With the spotlight shining on innovation, Intuit on Thursday hosted its fifth Gallery Walk in New York City, providing a sneak peek at forthcoming products and ongoing projects, all of which aim to provide complexity-conquering solutions to small businesses, consumers, healthcare providers, financial institutions and overseas markets.

Invoking the type of attendee excitement typically reserved for Hollywood galas and star-studded award shows, the real stars of last night-s Gallery Walk were the 30-plus innovations touted by Intuit that are either recently launched products, in-market experiments, or early consumer prototypes.

Following an array of cocktails and appetizers, those in attendance were equally sated with a series of vignettes starring some of the products Intuit has in the wings for 2012 and beyond.

The segments portrayed real-world scenarios in which the featured products were used for the convenience, expedience, and security of their customers. Chief among the products and platforms was the Intuit PaymentNetwork, which helps small businesses receive payments easily and affordably online. As the * - demonstration highlighted, this platform is capable of shortening the time small businesses wait to get paid, currently estimated at a staggering 48 days.

Another crowd favorite was Intuit Tax Online Mobile, the first commercial mobile app from Intuit’s Accounting Professionals Division, which gives accounting professionals round-the-clock mobile access to their clients- tax information.

Not to be outdone was also the Intuit Partner Platform, which expands the familiar and trusted services of QuickBooks through third-party applications. On Thursday, the platform showed off Intuit Anywhere, a way for developers to reach millions of small business customers and build QuickBooks data integration directly into their web and mobile apps.

-Most of us, like myself,- admits Ramon Ray, editor of SmallBizTechnology. com, -know Intuit primarily for QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, GoPayment, and a few other programs and services. However, at today-s event I was pleasantly surprised to really see the depth and breadth of Intuit-s expanded portfolio of services for small businesses and consumers.-

-Today-s event,- Ray adds, -showcases that the company Scott Cook founded 29 years ago is able to stay fresh and relevant for small businesses but also individual consumers.-

All told, the 2012 Intuit Gallery Walk proved an enjoyable and exciting evening that reminded guests what remarkable things Intuit has done and will continue to do through cutting edge technologies and a commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.

“Technology is fulfilling its promise to make life easier, and we have a real opportunity to make a difference,” said Brad Smith, Intuit’s president and CEO. “Our innovation pipeline is flowing faster than ever as our employees continue to deliver on that promise and on Intuit’s mission to profoundly improve people’s financial lives.”

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