Attending Green Business Events

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For any business with an interest in pursuing sustainability initiatives, it can be a challenge to keep up to date on the constantly evolving ideas that can help you meet these green goals. From new best practices to new product developments, remaining independently informed can be a significant undertaking.

Attending green-focused events are an excellent way of staying on top of the latest concepts and innovations in sustainability. Whether you-re networking with other environmentally-conscious businesses to share ideas or knowledge, attending workshops or discussions that can introduce you to new strategies, or learning about new green products or business-to-business services, green events allow you to leverage the experience of the broader business community to help your company achieve its sustainability objectives.

These events can range in size from small local meetings to large national trade shows. For a low-key networking event that you won’t have to travel far to attend, you may want to see if your area hosts a Green Drinks event. These informal gatherings bring together a variety of eco-conscious community members, whether they work with non-profits, government, or the business sector. By design, Green Drinks gatherings lack any formal structure or agenda, which gives you a chance to discuss a wide range of topics with other local business and community leaders in a relaxed setting.

Attending or participating in larger national events can also be a great experience for your business. The annual Green Festivals organized by Green America and Global Exchange are the largest sustainability events in the world, hosting dozens of lectures and workshops from leaders in the sustainability industry, and offering an exhibition space with hundreds of eco-friendly businesses. From renewable energy technology to fair-trade coffee, Green Festivals can make sure your company is aware of the latest thinking and newest advances in sustainability (while also giving you a chance to trade ideas with businesses nationwide).

When attending an event, whether large or small, be sure that you’re networking sustainably. Bring a reusable water bottle to avoid the need for relying on disposable plastic containers, and carry a reusable bag for any literature or swag you might collect. If you’re traveling out of town for the event, consider offsetting your travel emissions, or take a train rather than flying (for a much lower carbon footprint). Also consider booking a hotel that allows you to walk or take public transportation to the event, rather than needing to rent a car. If you do need to drive, try to organize a carpool with other attendees (it gives you a perfect opportunity to network and build inter-business relationships).

Marcos J. Cordero is the co-founder and CEO of the Green Business Bureau, a leading green business certification organization that helps small and mid-sized businesses implement sustainability practices. View all posts by Marcos Cordero This entry was posted in Sustainability, Trends and tagged conference, Events, networking, Sustainability. Bookmark the permalink.
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