Marie’s Bed & Biscuit Wins Love A Local Business Grand Prize

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Pictured: Owners Brad and Jen Stanke. Photo courtesy of Marie-s Bed & Biscuit.

Marie’s Bed & Biscuit in Charlotte, MI has won the $50,000 Grand Prize in Intuit’s Love A Local Business grant competition. The company became a finalist to win the Grand Prize after it won our grant in July.

Our judges, Kelly Doak and Susie Grade of Sipping N’ Painting, selected Marie’s Bed & Biscuit after reviewing the votes and online presence of each finalist. Although each of the finalists had enthusiastic fans, Doak was drawn to Marie’s Bed and Biscuit’s website and business setting, in addition to the positive comments posted online. “[It] seems like from their Facebook page and Intuit votes that they do an awesome job of caring for people’s pets,” she says. The Lansing State Journal also recently featured the business in an article, Charlotte kennel stands to win big in contest.

Owner Jen Stanke was ecstatic when she received the news that she had won. She plans to use the grant to build an indoor play area for the dogs that would also benefit the local community. The area would be available for 4-H clubs to practice for dog obedience and agility trials after business hours. The additional $25,000 grant comes at a fortunate time since it will provide a place for students to practice indoors during the winter. Stanke and her husband Brad participated in 4-H as they were growing up, where the program taught them the excellent animal care that has been so vital to the success of their business. She is passionate about helping the community learn about caring for animals, particularly as an occupation.

Will your business be featured in our next winner’s announcement? The October-December grant competition has begun, and we’re giving away $25,000 three times each month. Be sure to nominate your business to win!

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