Adobo Nation-s Michelle Valeriano on Adding * - to Your Online Marketing Mix

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Michelle Valeriano has worn many hats over the course of her career. The former model and * - jockey is now a * - producer, a TV hostess, and the founder and CEO of marketing consultancy Ampliphi Media. She currently focuses on * - production, taking advantage of her deep industry knowledge, passion for creative marketing, and ties to the Filipino community.

-Michi- strongly recommends that small businesses add * - s to their online marketing mix. Yet many enterprises wonder what * - s should offer, how long they should be, and how they affect search rankings. She addressed these and other questions during a recent conversation with the Intuit Small Business Blog.

ISBB: Why does a business need * - on their website?

Valeriano: There are many reasons. According to eMarketer, 72 million Americans currently watch * - online, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years. * - is fast replacing text as the content of choice online and some estimates say that by 2012 more than 80 percent of content online will be * - .

As * - s become more commonplace, your audience will judge your * - quality in the same way they’ve been judging your site’s other content. A well-written, well-produced, professional * - is the best investment you can make for branding your company online.

What types of * - s do you produce for online clients? How much do the * - s cost?

In the beginning, most of my clients were CEOs interested in the standard “About Us” * - s that ran for two to four minutes on their websites. These * - s would typically consist of an interview with B-roll footage of their company’s workers and services set to music, with some simple motion graphics. For a simple script and general production, these * - s cost about $2,000.

Now clients are realizing that they can “serialize” their * - s, refresh their content, and increase their SEO ranking and boost traffic. So, we’re producing a series of * - s across a variety of topics and industries. Each series costs about $4,000 for five to six * - s — because, with proper planning, we can capture much more * - in the same time it takes to shoot one corporate * - .

How do you promote your business?

I moved to the U. S. in 2003 and have been hosting Adobo Nation, a lifestyle and pop culture talk show about Filipino Americans, on the Filipino Channel every Sunday night. Being on TV definitely brings me a lot of visibility, and it also has helped me be a media coach for my clients, to help them perform better when they’re in front of the camera.

I’m also active in a Business Network International chapter for weekly networking, am a member of The Rotary Club of San Francisco, and have an interactive website at AmpliphiMedia. com with a new blog. And I use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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