In the Trenches: Dealing with an Unhappy Client

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We all know it-s impossible to please every single person, but in a customer service business it-s important to make that the goal. Still, some people will be unhappy, and we had to work through that with a customer recently. A good dose of apology combined with a refund seemed to do the trick. I also decided it was important to offer a future credit to get him to try us again.

A couple of weeks ago, a client who was being handled by one of our concierges sent me a note directly saying he didn-t feel he had been given the service as promised. My first internal reaction was to reach out immediately and apologize - the customer is always right, right? - but I had to temper myself. I didn-t have the full story, and I didn-t want to rush to judgment. After all, I have to trust my concierges to do a good job, and I want to believe they do everything right. So I responded to the client that I was very sorry to hear he hadn-t received service up to his expectations. I told him that I would investigate what happened on our end and get back to him within 24 hours. In the meantime, he was more than welcome to a refund under our service guarantee if he so chose.

Once that email was sent, I immediately contacted the concierge to see what happened. I was told that emails had been sent but there was no response. After a search of the emails, I found them to be inadequate. Emails hadn-t gone out when they should have, and the sparse ones that were sent were incomplete and not up to standards. It-s a service business owner-s worst nightmare. The problem was entirely our fault.

I told the concierge I would be back in touch after I resolved the issue with our client. I decided to immediately issue a refund and apologize for leaving him in the lurch. Fortunately, there weren-t any problems on his flights so he wasn-t truly angry. I then decided that the best thing I could do was to offer him the opportunity to use our service again without charge. I wanted him to come back so he could see what our service really was like. He responded that he appreciated the offer and would use us for a future trip.

Then I had to turn to our concierge. Instead of getting angry, I wanted to find out what went wrong. I knew that not receiving payment for the client would be hard enough, so I just wanted to focus on making sure it didn-t happen again. In the end, we found there were some issues with the way internal flight notification was being handled and we-ve worked to fix that. While I-m confident this exact problem won-t happen again, there-s always going to be another unhappy customer. We just have to make sure to react quickly to solve the problem.

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