Congrats to Ferrin Accounting, Mid-October Hiring Grant Winner!

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The second winner of our October Love A Local Business Hiring Grants is Ferrin Accounting. Congratulations! The business has been a fixture on Main Street in Platte City, Missouri for over three decades. Longtime employee Frank Freiss bought the business in 2009 after working for the company for twenty years. Along with John Hiner, who recently joined as managing partner, these owners are excited about growing their business.

Ferrin Accounting’s team of four offers the traditional accounting services: personal and corporate tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting, and payroll services. Hiner says what differentiates this firm is that it offers a more client-oriented approach with its concierge accounting services by adapting offerings to clients’ needs.

Hiner is helping the firm expand its online and social media presence by embracing new technologies to reach clients more easily. He heard about Love A Local Business after signing up for Intuit Websites at the Kansas City Get Your Business Online event. “This [grant] will enhance our ability to reach out to help more people and businesses with the client focus we provide,” he says.

There are just two months left this contest period, and we’ll be giving away seven more grants by the end of the year. Nominate your business today!

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