Everything You Need to Process Credit Cards on Your iPhone

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You can now go to your local Apple Retail Store and get everything you need to quickly and easily process credit cards on your iPhone. That’s because yesterday we announced the Complete Credit Card Solution, which is available starting this week in Apple Retail Stores and soon on Apple. com. It’s a joint product between Intuit and mophie, a company well-known for its iPhone accessories such as the juice pack rechargeable battery case.

The product integrates our GoPayment credit card processing app with the sleek, form-fitting mophie marketplace credit card reader. It also includes our speedy new merchant account activation which lets you get activated to start processing credit cards in as few as 15 minutes. To do this, you can apply from within the GoPayment App, online or by calling us right from your iPhone.

Another cool thing is that the Complete Credit Card Solution can integrate with QuickBooks – both Mac and PC versions. So if you use QuickBooks, this means you can easily sync your transactions to keep your financial files up to date and don’t have to waste time entering this data manually.

Here’s how it works:

Add the sleek, clip-on mophie marketplace card reader to your iPhone and save time by securely swiping your customer’s credit card instead of entering numbers by hand. After swiping the card, data is immediately encrypted using our industry-standard security methods.

Once swiped, just enter the amount and click Charge. Customers authorize the payment by signing their name on the iPhone touch screen. You can then send them a customized e-mail or text receipt including your logo and a map to your business. GoPayment processes the credit card within seconds and funds are deposited into the businesses’ bank account.

To learn more about it and how it stacks up against other solutions, you can also read this story 0n Wired. com.

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