Intuit PayTrends Lets You Compare Pay Rates With Other Businesses

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When it comes to hiring a new employee or thinking about giving an existing employee a raise, the first question on the minds of most small business employers is, -Am I paying too much? Or am I paying too little?- Making informed pay decisions is a dilemma for every business, and it-s especially for new employers.

It-s a mystery no more: With Intuit PayTrends, employers can find out what other businesses are paying their employees and compare these salaries to their own payroll based on the type of job and their location. By simply entering a job title and where the job is based, the tool returns a chart with median hourly and annual wages that other nearby businesses are paying for that job. For example, a small business looking to hire a bookkeeper or accounting clerk would see that the median hourly wage for this job is $17.93/hour in Los Angeles, $19.12/hour in New York, and $15.46/hour in San Antonio.

PayTrends was developed by Intuit after receiving feedback from small businesses that a wage comparison tool would be of use for both hiring new workers and figuring out whether a raise is in order. It-s completely free to use.

If you-re curious about what other businesses pay their employees and how those rates measure up to the checks you-re writing, try out Intuit PayTrends and let us know what you think.

Jay Krishnan is a marketing manager at Intuit and is always looking for ways to delight small businesses. In her spare time, she enjoys playing fun games with her kids and loves to hike with her family & friends. View all posts by Jay Krishnan This entry was posted in Employees, Intuit Products and tagged payroll. Bookmark the permalink.
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