Fourth Down and Out of Luck: The NFL Lockout and You

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After Uncle Sam and Jersey Shore, there-s no more essential a part of American culture as football. Pro football has entire industries that live around its core business: food and beverage, merchandising, travel, and more. As a sport that bands together members of a city to identify themselves with the team (-Steeler Nation,- -Cheeseheads-), football generates a ton of revenue for local businesses that capitalize on people-s hometown pride during football season.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that news of an NFL lockout was a massive blow to the small businesses who participate in the -football industry.- Even though intervention from the judicial system has ordered a lift on the lockout, analysts anticipate the owner-player disputes will continue. If it does, here-s what the NFL lockout could mean to small businesses. Click the infographic for an enlarged view.

Infographic by Column Five.

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