Intuit Loves Local Businesses: $1 Million in Hiring Grants to Come

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Do you make a point of shopping local? Do you love a local business? At Intuit, we care deeply about supporting small businesses in local communities. Over the past 18 months, Intuit has awarded more than $500,000 in hiring and growth grants to small businesses across America. Now, we have decided to continue our support of local businesses by awarding $1 million in hiring grants over the next year.

Past winners have ranged from a fitness center in Northfield, Ohio, who used the grant to hire four new instructors to a party planning company in Columbus, Georgia, who used the grants to hire local youth for the summer. Nominate your own business for the grant and you could be the next phone call we make. It only takes a minute.

Details on how to win a Love a Local Business hiring grant can be found at lovealocalbusiness. com. In addition, Love a Local Business will soon be offering additional grants for small businesses in the towns and cities that -love local- the most - those regions that vote for the most unique businesses in their community - starting June 1. Whether you-re a winner or not, you can learn about hiring and managing employees by visiting intuithire. com for free resources.

-Everyone will agree that small businesses are the key to our nation-s job growth and economic recovery,- says U. S. Rep. Sam Graves, Chairman of the House Small Business Committee. -My colleagues and I on Capitol Hill know that we still have a long way to go, however, programs like Love a Local Business are providing valuable support to these job creators as they try to grow and invest in their businesses. As small firms and communities improve, so will our nation-s economy.-

We at Intuit are thrilled to be offering this opportunity for you. Good luck!

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