In the Trenches: New Pricing Goes Into Effect

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I feel like I-ve been talking about our new pricing structure for the last few months. We-ve been planning it for even longer than that. But now, it-s a reality. The new pricing went into effect on June 1, and it went off without a hitch.

We spent the last month updating the website and combing through everything to make sure that the old pricing had been erased and the new pricing was all that clients would find when they came to the site. I checked and double-checked the links to make sure they all worked and went to the right place. No matter how many times I had looked, I always found another problem. (So if you happen to see one, let me know.) But everything seems to be working just fine now.

I also had to make sure that all the concierges understood the new pricing. While they don-t usually interact with clients on money matters, they do get paid a commission. It was important for them to know that they would now be better compensated for the amount of work they put in than under the previous structure.

Of course, I spent more time reaching out to some of my biggest clients again and again. And I made sure that everyone had the chance to buy credits in advance before the change so they could continue to use at the old pricing level. I was amazed at how many people took advantage of that offer, and I-m thrilled with the results.

It-s always an adjustment when new pricing goes into effect, so providing this bridge to existing customers was a perfect solution. It gives them more time to acclimate to the new pricing while giving us more time to show that we provide enough value to justify the increase.

All in all, I-m happy it-s done. We helped a stranded client at the new urgent rate shortly after the pricing change went into effect, and she was more than happy with the price she paid. I-ll have to monitor sales closely to see if there are any big drops over the next few weeks, but so far, it looks like having done our homework in advance is paying off nicely.

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