5 Great Blogs for Independent Contractors

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As an independent contractor, you’ve got a lot of issues to deal with: self-employment taxes, pricing projects, marketing your services, and collecting payments, to name just a few. And, in most cases, you’re doing it all without any outside support or help.

We’ve rounded up five of the best blogs offering advice, support, and community for 1099ers. Check out these sites for news and advice on living and working as a freelancer.

Freelance Switch - This site is geared primarily towards virtual independent contractors, such as designers, web developers, and freelance writers. The site offers tons of great advice geared toward independent freelancers, with topics such as “Drawing the Line Between Personal and Business Life” and “Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Coworking.” The site also features a forum, a job board, and a “find a freelancer” directory.

Freelance Folder - With article categories focused around productivity, inspiration, how-to, lifestyle, and marketing, this site provides insights into both working and living as an independent contractor, with posts on topics like taking an internet-free vacation and freelancing without a safety net. The site also includes forums and a series of “quick-start” guides for getting involved in different freelance industries.

Collabrus Independent Contractor Compliance Blog - More technically-oriented than most of the other sites on our list, this blog offers a wealth of resources on avoiding legal and tax trouble as an independent contractor. The blog features topics including answers to common compliance questions, news updates on tax-related issues that affect independent contractors and the companies that hire them, and tips for avoiding IRS misclassification lawsuits.

WAHM - Specifically geared toward work-at-home moms, this site features tips on balancing work with a baby on your lap, marketing and advertising tips, and ideas for great WAHM businesses. The site’s active forums give work-from-home mothers the opportunity to brainstorm and commiserate about their businesses with others in the same boat.

1099 News - Congress frequently passes bills that affect how 1099 workers file taxes and take deductions. To stay on top of the latest news in the field, check out 1099 News, a blog run by Convey Compliance Systems. With guidelines on using the new W9 form and updates on the 1099 Reporting Repeal, the site will help you keep current in the world of independent contractor laws and tax regulations.

Readers, what other sites would you add to the list?

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