Marketissimo: Small Business App Helps Companies Improve Marketing

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Let’s say you-re working at a startup or a company looking to grow its business. Then let-s say that you need to refine your strategy, build a marketing plan, make your website more effective, or leverage social networking.

Lutz Hornischer, a strategic marketing consultant and creator of Marketissimo, is trying to help companies that are struggling with this process by releasing a free business marketing app for iOS mobile devices. We spoke to Hornischer about the process.

ISBB: How many times has your marketing app been downloaded?

Hornischer: It’s been downloaded now about 2,000 times over the past four weeks. Some of the comments I’ve heard are that it’s a “great reference tool for anyone taking a product or service to market” and “I used the app to review my marketing strategy and get some tips to improve my website.”

Why did you create it?

We work with many companies that are looking to find the right marketing mix and a strategy that works for their business. There’s so much noise out there, especially around social media marketing. This app helps them focus and build or refine their marketing strategy and discover new ideas based on their unique business needs.

How does the app help companies?

I like to say that Marketissimo is like a personal marketing coach in your pocket. The app guides users through 10 key questions to explore new marketing ideas, tips, and strategies they might not have thought about. The questions address topics such as: How to develop a compelling value proposition, how to create a story that sells, how to leverage social media, how to make your website more effective, and how to better leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Marketing.

Users can also easily share topics and ideas with others via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

What’s the biggest benefit of this marketing app?

The app provides business people with an easy and quick way to evaluate their growth strategy, discover new marketing ideas, and get actionable advice. They can check in on the go, whenever they have some time, or when a question comes up – it’s free marketing advice at their fingertips.

Who is the app designed for?

The app is designed for marketing and sales professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

How did you build the app?

With my product marketing background, I was looking for a tool that allowed me to create the app myself without having to hire a programmer. I researched and found a tool called Red Foundry and created the app in about 60 hours over a period of six weeks. The whole app development was done online, by dragging and dropping components, uploading text and images, and adding social media plug-ins for Facebook and Twitter.

To download the free Marketissimo business marketing app, visit the Apple iTunes App Store.

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