5 Advice Blogs by Famous Entrepreneurs

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There are thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there by entrepreneurs — but how many of these supposed business gurus have actually made it big using their own advice? If you’re looking for inspiration with your own business, look to these successful and well-known entrepreneurs for tips and insight.

How to Change the World - This blog is written by Guy Kawasaki, founder of Alltop and author of numerous best-selling business books. Although the frequency of updates has dropped off in recent months, the archives hold valuable wisdom on topics such as getting the attention of a venture capitalist and what employers want to see on a resume, along with interviews with other noted entrepreneurs and speakers.

Penelope Trunk’s blog - The pseudonymous Penelope Trunk, founder of the Generation Y business networking site Brazen Careerist, offers a fascinating combination of often-controversial business advice (see: “Plastic surgery is the next must-have career tool”) along with personal revelations about life with Asperger’s syndrome and living on a farm. Not for the faint of heart, Trunk’s blog spares no detail when it comes to the challenges of being a female entrepreneur.

Sivers. org - Derek Sivers was founder of CDBaby. com, a popular e-commerce site for independent musicians. He’s since sold the business, and has been sharing thoughts and insights on the entrepreneurial process on his blog as well as at speaking engagements at TED Conferences. Check out posts like “No more yes” and “Delegate or die” to get a successful entrepreneur’s spin on management philosophy and creative business strategy.

Seth Godin - The marketing guru behind books like Meatball Sundae and Purple Cow shares compelling thoughts about marketing to consumers, business strategy, and other random insights. His email checklist — which provides a list of questions to ask yourself before sending an email — is essential reading.

Richard Branson’s blog - The British billionaire behind Virgin Airlines, Virgin Records, and dozens of other companies shares his thoughts on business and entrepreneurship regularly on the OPEN Forum, often in response to readers’ questions. In his posts, he shares advice such as tips on choosing a company name, common mistakes in launching your business, and how to find investors for your startup.

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