5 Blogs that Can Teach You How to Work from Anywhere

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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world? As an entrepreneur, there’s no need to settle in one location: With the right business model, you can keep bringing in the big bucks whether you’re in San Francisco or Singapore. Check out these blogs for tips on building a business that you can run from anywhere in the world.

Location Independent - Run by a husband-and-wife team who opted to travel the world with their newborn daughter while still running a successful business, this site provides a wealth of resources on setting up passive income streams that will allow you to travel the world and continue earning money. The site includes helpful mini-guides on a wide range of topics, including how to build profitable websites, managing time zones, and outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant.

Business Backpacker - Run by an American business consultant who lives in Thailand, this site provides a wealth of interviews with entrepreneurs making a living while traveling internationally, as well as tips on subjects like diversifying income streams and an assessment of the cost of living in Thailand ($800 a month — really!).

Life Remotely - This blog follows the adventures of three young professionals who’ve traveled and worked in six continents (with their final one, Antarctica, slated for December). The site features a wide range of travel tips — doing laundry while traveling and surviving long-haul flights — as well as advice on becoming location-independent, with strategies for setting up a mobile office and paying taxes in your home country when you don’t live there.

WorkShifting. com - With the tagline “anywhere is my office,” this site run by Citrix (the creators of virtual meeting software GoToMeeting and its related products) offers tips, advice, and product reviews for web commuters everywhere, whether you’re working from your kitchen or from a beach in Mexico. The site shares interesting stats on who’s actually telecommuting, considerations for setting up a home office, and tips on how to prepare to become a “workshifter.”

Four Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss’ first book, The Four Hour Workweek, revolutionized many people’s perspectives on work and life: He’s a staunch advocate for outsourcing everything you can possibly outsource, and devoting the saved time to pursuing pleasures and hobbies while still collecting profits. Check out the sections on email detox, outsourcing life, and case studies on mini-retirements to learn how you can create your own “four hour workweek.”

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