In the Trenches: Handling Sensitive Customer Data

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I just got back from a week on the road, and as usual, it was exhausting. Being in a bunch of different places is one thing, but then having to run a business on top of it really drains me. I need to get others to be able to take my place, but there-s one thing standing in the way: the money.

No, not spending money. Taking it from our customers.

There are really two tasks that can-t currently be done by other people in the company, and they-re related. One is booking travel, but that-s just because nobody else knows how to use the system yet. I can train someone or find someone with a good background in the system I use and the problem is solved… except for one small piece. That-s where the money comes in.

Today, I-m the only who handles sensitive information. We don-t deal in social security numbers or anything like that, so it-s really mainly focused on credit cards. There are a handful of times when clients need to use their cards.

If a client signs up over the phone (if they do it online, then we don-t need the number)If we need to book travel for a client

If one of our concierges is working with someone who needs to book a flight, then I talk to them directly to get the credit card info. The reason? Security and privacy. I take customer data security very seriously, and when I let others start handling that data, it suddenly becomes a much bigger issue. I-m not even sure I fully know what needs to be considered, from a legal standpoint, when dealing with this.

Clearly I-d need to make sure that there is something in the customer contract that talks about responsibility of the concierge or employee. I-m sure I-d need to create an internal policy for data handling as well. I-d also need to make sure I had insurance to cover any issues that might arise. Background checks? Maybe. I can probably think of a million hoops to jump through before letting someone even touch a credit card number.

But that-s largely guesswork. What do I really need to do to protect myself and my customers? Anyone have good resources on this?

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