In the Trenches: Slowing Down

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I find myself in a very strange place. Ever since I was laid off from my last -real- job (or shall we say, job working for -the man-) back in 2008, I-ve spent my time building up my business, adding to my workload, and trying to get back to what I earned before. Now, for the first time, I-m in the opposite position. I need to start cutting back, or at least allocating my time better.

See, in early January 2012 (give or take a few days), I-ll become a dad for the first time. That means I-m going to have a much bigger workload on my hands, and none of it will be business-related. (Though I imagine a fair bit of it will have me dealing with crap in a more literal sense.)

I fully expect to have many sleepless nights, and during the day I know I-m going to want to spend as much time as I can with my kid. That means I-m not going to have nearly as much time to devote to the business as I do today. That-s a scary thought.

On the bright side, it means I-ll be able to help stranded clients in the middle of the night, since I-ll probably already be awake. But it also means that during the day, I-m not going to be nearly as productive as I have been. That-s a strange thing to consider, but it-s the way it-s going to be. I want to be a very active dad.

Some of this can be alleviated through my efforts to shift work to others in the company. (I-m even working on hiring my first concierge outside the U. S., but that-s a topic for another post.) But there-s more to the business than just the concierge work. There-s a great deal of writing involved (including this column), and that falls on me.

So now I find myself trying to re-evaluate how I spend my time and it-s a very interesting exercise. When you-re starting out, you just keep adding to what you do, hoping to make a living and fill up your time. I-m glad to be in a place now where I can afford to start getting more picky with that time. The only problem? I don-t really want to stop doing anything that I do today.

That-s led me to start thinking about efficiency. Could I be using my time more efficiently to do all the work I do today? That-s where I-m heading now, though I know that there are going to be changes coming soon. (I have a new writing gig coming up and there might be some frequency changes elsewhere.) I still have a couple months to figure all this out, so wish me luck.

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