Top 10 Time Management iPad and iPhone Apps

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Some people are able to manage their time without the help of lists, planners, and calendars. Then there-s the rest of us. If you find yourself wondering where the time has gone, take a look at these 10 iPad and iPhone apps that can help you become more productive.

1) ToodleDo ($1.99) - One of the top 30 paid iPad apps according to Apple, ToodleDo is a comprehensive to do list and task management app. Customizable, this app with a funny name allows you to keep it simple or add a boatload of productivity features. Note you-ll pay more for extra services, such as goal progress trackers and external file storage.

2) Read It Later Free - This handy app is like a DVR for article reading. When you don-t have time to read an article, bookmark it to your reading list and you can access it offline at a later time. If you want more features such as Twitter and Facebook sharing services, a full screen reader, images, * - capabilities, and more, snag the Read It Later Pro version for $2.99. Similar to Read It Later, Instapaper ($4.99) allows you to download webpages for later reading. Instapaper also strips out ads and frames giving you a Kindle-like reading experience. It-s great for being more productive on the subway or bus.

3) MindNode ($5.99) - Superb for brainstorming, project planning, or writing, MindNode helps you create mind maps of your thoughts. Create, organize, and edit your ideas and then export them as documents, PNG images, or text outlines. It imports documents from Dropbox as well.

4) EasyTask Manager (Free) - This simple productivity app is Getting Things Done (GTD) compatible and allows syncing with multiple PCs.

5) Things ($9.99) - Neither overly simplified or overwhelmingly complex, Things uses an email inbox approach to getting your to do list done. If you-re the type of person who can be trained to check your Things inbox as often as your email, you-ll be the king of productivity.

6) SugarSync (Free) - SugarSync is aptly named: It-s a sweet app that enables you to sync your data among all of your computers, iPhone, and iPad. Share files through email and automatically backup photos, all with a single app.

7) 1Password for iPad ($9.99) - This timesaving iPad only app enables you to log into your favorite websites with just one tap. Rated as one of the most 20 essential apps by MacWorld. iPassword Pro is a bit pricier at $14.99, but it works on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

8) Checklist Wrangler ($0.99) - If you-re a list maker and like to check it twice, then you-ll adore Buckaroo Software-s Checklist Wranger app. Whether you require daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly checklists, Wrangler has you covered. Create checklist templates for frequently used lists too.

9) Awesome Note ($3.99) - Featured in the App Store Hall of Fame, Awesome Note (+ToDo) combines note taking with a to-do manager and syncs with Evernote and Google Docs. To save some cash, try Awesome Note Lite for free - it-s fully functional, but you-re limited to 10 notes.

10) OmniFocus ($19.99) - Last on the list and most pricey, OmniFocus is a robust time management application capable of wirelessly syncing with multiple devices. It tracks tasks by project, date, person, or place and includes integrated GPS functions, mapping where actions need to take place.

In related news, for an insightful and inspiring time management lecture by the late Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, check out this * - . Randy-s popular -last lecture- * - was viewed by over 13 million people.

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