7 Mobile Apps for Getting Your Message Across

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You don-t need a bulky laptop to give a presentation any more. Thanks to a bevy of smartphone apps now on the market, you can give a presentation right through your phone or tablet. Here are seven mobile applications that can help you get your message across.

IncStage Presenter (Android; $6.99) — If you need to make edits to existing slides or create a new presentation on the go, IncStage Presenter is at your service. The interface automatically adjusts to the size of your mobile device, and it allows you to insert both * - and still photos. You can export your content to PDF, PowerPoint, and JPEG formats.MightyMeeting (Android, iOS; $4.99 per month for file storage) — Sales professionals are the target of this service, which allows you to play presentations and demonstration * - s on smartphones and tablets. You can use your mobile device to drive presentations during a * - conference call or to connect to a projector for a live audience.Mobilecast for Microsoft PowerPoint (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone 7; $1.99) — This app offers a twist on mobile presentations. You can’t actually give a presentation with this app, but you can receive slides that are being broadcast by a PowerPoint plug-in on a Windows notebook computer. You can store received slides with the Evernote app.
Presentation Clock (Android, iOS; 99 cents) — Be honest: Do you get long-winded while you’re speaking publicly? This nifty utility will let you create alerts at predefined points, helping keep your talk on schedule. You can enable audible alerts or use vibrate to prod you into moving to the next topic.Quickoffice Pro HD (Android, iPad; $19.99) — Quickoffice Pro HD is a Microsoft Office-compatible editing and creation app for tablet computers that shares and synchronizes content across multiple devices. The software can display full-fledged PowerPoint presentations. SlideShark: PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad (iOS 4.0; free, up to 100 megabytes of presentation storage space) — This app displays Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, preserving animations and graphics, but need a SlideShark account. Presentations can be accessed via email, shared file services (including Dropbox and GoodReader), or downloaded onto the device for viewing. If you have an iPad 2, you can connect to a TV or VGA projector and present to larger audiences. ThinkFree Mobile (Android; $8.70) — ThinkFree is for those of you who are addicted to Microsoft Office applications. The Show software supports pretty much every PowerPoint version, and it lets you either edit existing files or create new content from scratch. It works in both portrait and landscape orientations, with different versions optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Have you found another way to use your smartphone or tablet to give presentations? Share your favorite mobile-presentation apps in the Comments section below.

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