Stay on Schedule with These 7 Mobile Calendar Apps

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Some professionals still swear by paper organizers, but lately more of us are turning to smartphones to serve as digital personal assistants — in which case, a calendar app is essential. If you already handle scheduling and task management via a Google or Outlook electronic calendar, you can take that rich information to go.

Here are seven mobile apps that trump the native calendars of Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

CalenGoo (Android, iOS; $5.99-$6.99) — Power users of Google’s calendar and tasks will appreciate this mobile app built for fast updates. CalenGoo (pictured) synchronizes all calendars (not just the default one) and allows you to see whether or not someone has accepted or declined a Google meeting invite. If you-re offline, changes are stored and uploaded the next time you connect.miCal (iOS; $1.99) — If weather factors heavily into your daily decision-making, you’ll appreciate this app, which pulls forecast information into your calendar. You can choose a five - or seven-day view and even add GPS information to events and appointments.OnTime (BlackBerry, iOS; $1.99) — Do you ever build travel time into your schedule manually to get to appointments promptly? This app uses the GPS technology on your mobile device to compare your current location with the location of your next appointment, and it alerts you to when you should get on the road. It accounts for traffic and provides turn-by-turn directions, too, so you don’t have to use a separate map app.Pocket Informant (Android, BlackBerry, iOS; $12.99-$14.99) — This app will appeal to people who are sick of switching back and forth between separate mobile calendars and to-do apps. Events and tasks can be displayed together in up to 10 different views on smartphones or tablets, and the interface can be configured how you like, so it appeals to your personal sense of organization. Pocket Informant also includes contact management and notes features, and it synchronizes Google tasks and Google, Windows Outlook, and native iOS calendars.Smooth Calendar (Android; free) — This widget displays a running list of up to six upcoming appointments on your smartphone-s home screen. It synchronizes with Google Calendar and Exchange, among other services.TouchBase Calendar (iOS; $2.99) — Running late? TouchBase integrates one-touch calling and messaging into your Calendar view, so you can alert your appointment that you won’t be on time. Pre-canned, one-touch text-message templates communicate just how late you will be.Week Calendar (iOS; $1.99) — Does it annoy you that your iPhone only displays daily, list, or monthly views of your schedule? This app shows your life one week at a time, so you can get a grip on what’s coming tomorrow, not just what’s happening today.
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