College Entrepreneur Wins Small Business Grant from Intuit

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Brandon Rives is a busy young man. When he isn-t studying computer science and business at Tuskegee University or running his upstart entertainment and management company, Rives is actively involved in his community and helping other youngsters find their passion and live their dreams.

It-s a good thing Brandon still had time to answer his phone on Thursday when Intuit placed a call to the brilliant young entrepreneur with some good news. 129 Entertainment LLC - the company Rives started in November 2011 with his business partners Reginald Williams and Justin Holt - is the latest winner of a $5,000 grant from Intuit-s Love a Local Business campaign.

-This is great,- Rives said upon learning the news. -This is really great.-

There’s No Business Like Show Business

-We-re an entertainment consulting company,- Rives says. -What we do is specialize in talent and artist management, marketing, and promotions. And we also do website development. When a client contacts us and they want to plan an event, we procure the venue, talent, and all the resources to do the production.-

But the thriving upstart has noble intentions to go along with its professional ambitions.

-Our education initiative is a way to give back to high schools and colleges through music,- Rives says with pride. -We bring our artists out to do motivational speeches for students and seminars for colleges.-

Giving Back

For the Tuskegee, Alabama-based college senior, life couldn-t possibly be more promising these days. Rives said his company is growing by the day and helping countless others along the way. It-s an effort that will be aided tremendously by the $5,000 grant from Intuit.

-We have a lot of things in our business plan to implement,- Rives says. -In order to do these things we need more staff and more help.-

The ultimate goal, he says, is to turn 129 Entertainment into a national phenomenon.

-I want to see it as a household brand,- Rives admits. -I want us to have huge involvement in the community. I want us to be a role model for other entertainment groups and other young adults. I want to help people reach their dreams so young artists can get to where they want to be.-

So far, Rives and company are well on their way to making it happen.

You Could Be Next!

What about you and your small business dreams? You could be the winner of a $5,000 grant from Intuit! If you haven’t already, click here to nominate your business for a chance to win the next Love a Local Business grant from Intuit.

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