Harmony In Hooves Wins $50k Grand Prize

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Photo of Cappuccino Cadillac, Courtesy of Harmony In Hooves

This morning, I had the pleasure of calling Shana from Harmony In Hooves to let her know that she was the Grand Prize winner from our Jan-Mar Love A Local Business grant competition. Shana was the winner of our $25k grant for April and now she has doubled her grant to $50k!

Our judges, Brad and Cinda Jones, owners of Booksmart in Morgan Hill and former Grand Prize winners themselves, had a very tough choice to make. All three of our finalists were very worthy of the Grand Prize. In the end, it was Harmony In Hooves true commitment to their community that helped them win. Brad Jones said, -It is clear how they will give back to the community. Their whole goal is to improve the lives of others.-

There was lots of happy screaming in Benton, Arkansas this morning when I called Shana. Shana is planning to have her staff vote on the best use of the additional funds. She commented, -There are so many things we need. We’ll continue to grow. We will not waste it! We’ll use it to better everyone around here.-

It-s not too late for your business to be featured in our next winner-s announcement! The April-June grant competition has begun. Be sure to nominate your business to win $50k.

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